Yulissa Chen Energy Bodywork Clinic

About Yulissa Chen

  I was born in China in 1979.

  Before coming to the United States, I worked in administration for 5 years. I soon realized that I had a deep calling to help and heal, so I began my study in the energy and healing properties of the body.

For 10 years, I taught Yoga while studying and practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine ------- Acupuncture, Tuina Medical Bodywork and Cupping Therapy.

  After coming to the US, I studied and practiced western bodywork for 3 years ------- Polarity Therapy, CranialSacral Therapy and far-infrared, negative ion Thermotherapy.

   I have practiced Buddhism my entire life. I attended 4 years of Buddhism College in Tibet and Shanghai, concentrating on the Medical Buddha (Menla) Healing Arts-----I learned how to convert negative energy into positive energy, within the body, mind and spirit.

   After many years of study and practice, I created my own way of bodywork -------Menla Energy Bodywork. I balance the energetic body and the physical body together. I follow and support the body’s energy flow, trusting its direction. I use the perfect mix of strength and sensitivity, assisting the body to come back to its natural vitality and wellness.                                        

My philosophy

I believe we can change to be better through knowing, accepting and  honoring ourselves!

7887 Soquel Drive , Aptos, CA 95003 

Located in Aptos Wellness Massage  By Subway