Who Will Benift

   If you find that regular massage modalities are not doing enough for you, while doctors can only offer you pain pills, then this work is for you. If you’ve recently had a surgery or physical trauma and want to recover well, Menla Energy Bodywork can help.


   If you’re experiencing low energ as a result of chemotherapy (or other medicines) and you want to feel better during your treatment, Menla Energy Bodywork can help you get your energy back.


   If your hands and feet are always cold, or you feel afraid of cold, we use the most natural, beneficial heat available in the market today – amethyst far-infrared heat therapy. It is the best way to detoxify the body, removing inner cold, wetness and heavy metals - and then goes on to balance the elements within the body (ether, air, fire, water and earth).


   If you catch colds or get sick easily, Menla Energy Bodywork can help build your immune system. When we increase your basal body temperature by 2.7 degrees, your immune system becomes five times stronger.

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